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Resolving construction law disputes

Would our world be better or worse if we had no disputes, disagreements or differences? Most people think a conflict-free life would at the very least make for a much duller world.

Of course, some disputes make life much more than interesting. They can make it expensive and complicated. We are thinking here of often complex disputes over California construction law.

Here in Sacramento, there are a wide variety of such disputes, but many boil down to a few central categories, including the following:

• Construction contracts

• Mechanics liens

• Disagreements over delays and changes

• Project oversight

• Construction-related labor law

Defects in completed projects

There are, of course, many other points of contention that can arise in the course of construction work. The disputes are often between primary contractors and subcontractors or between a property owner and a contractor. Other disagreements can involve contractors and government agencies.

No matter where your disagreement falls on the spectrum, you can discuss it with an attorney experienced in effective construction dispute resolution and knowledgeable about applicable law. Contact Trainor Fairbrook for more information.

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