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July 2017 Archives

What Contractors Need to Know About Mechanics' Liens

If you provide contracting, subcontracting or other construction-related services in the Sacramento area, one of your biggest concerns is probably getting paid for the work that you do or materials that you supply. At Trainor Fairbrook, we know how important receiving payment for the labor, services and materials you provide to a project. Payment for these services is the lifeblood to any business, allowing you to take care of your employees and to maintain the profitability of your business.

Understanding change orders

Like many of the commercial contractors in Sacramento, you know full well that the circumstances surrounding a job can change at any moment. Many in your position come to us here at Trainor Fairbrook soliciting advice on how to handle requesting a change order or asking how such proposals may affect them. If you or a contracted client are considering a change order, it is important to first understand all of the elements of such a modification before agreeing to it. A lack of such knowledge could place you and your company in an unfavorable position.

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